Do you really want to be constantly up sold on services and prices?  Do you want to be one of millions and looking at thousands of profiles? Do you want to send out hundreds of emails hoping someone reads and responds?  Or would you rather join a dating site that offers you all services for one LOW price, deletes older free members, and is small enough for you to be noticed by others?
If your goal is to “hook up”, not search through an endless list of profiles and be constantly charged more for membership, then you want to look at the online dating sites offered by PlaySeekers.  They are free to join, but if you do not activate to a paid membership within 6 months your profile is deleted.  This keeps the old profiles off, keeps your searches effective and makes sure everyone who is a member is actively seeking!


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The TRUTH about online dating sites...

There are hundreds of online dating sites now and most have a certain type of person they are best for, but if you really want to "Hook Up", here are some things to consider.
Some take a scientific point of view. They get you involved in tests or questionnaires to find out your type and then try to guide you to your idea mate that way.  The problem there is that no matter what they tell you, NO test has been devised to work with all personalities.  Most tests on these types of sites are designed to “weed” out everybody but the most ideal people for the market the site trying to attract.  Most sites of this type are looking for people who are easily “managed”.  They are designed for long-term relationships based on compatibility, not for love or casual adult dating.
Some sites are geared for the person looking for a romantic long-term relationship.  They have all kinds of advice features and relationship “experts”.  While they might have a lot of entertaining features, all those experts and add-ons are expensive to provide and that is why many of these sites can cost you $30 or more a month.  Not only are you footing the bill for services and features you might not have an interest in, it distracts from the goal of actually making a contact with a possible mate.
What to think about before joining an online dating site...
The first thing you should look for is the cost of actually joining at a level where you can read all profiles, send and receive emails.  Most sites are free to join but once you want to see all members that is when you have to pay.  Then if you want to send and receive emails, that is another price level.  Or they add on “premium” services for video, ad highlighting, “gold” members, etc.  One of the big things many sites promote is the number of member profiles they have. Most will claim millions of members of which to choose from.  What they are not telling you is that over 86% of those millions of members joined for free and only visited once.  Their profile can be years old and they will never come back to read your email or see your profile!


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  • MasterCard/American Express/ Discover charge dating sites up to 50% of fees.  To keep our costs down and pass on to our members, we avoid excessive charges